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ID 97265

Zizhou Liu

Mobile Development Expert, Data Mining and Machine Learning enthusiast, SaaS

ID 840313

Colm Harte

Data scientist @ Paddy Power and PhD in physics. . Passionate about transforming data into business decisions.

ID 283171

Serena Fritsch

General Software Developer with a Research Background. Interested in data visualisation, data analytics

ID 289529

José Pedro Fernandes

Data scientist. Experience in various industries. Certified project manager. Worked in Consulting, Banking, Engineering.

ID 843724

Manoj John

Senior Data Analytics\Business Intelligence Developer; Specialization - Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning; MS in Analytics - UCONN, School of Business;

ID 538053

Manus Menon

Prolific Data Analyst, Experienced in MNC and startup environments, tech enthusiast, hardware junkie

ID 311313

Eddie Johnston

Full stack Rails developer with design skills. Co-founder Artdip.com, Lokofoto.com. PhD Machine Learning. Previously a consultant at Accenture.

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