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ID 98188

James McNamara

Software Development graduate from The Institute of Technology Sligo. Captain and lead developer on Team Hermes, the winners of the @microsoft Imagine Cup 2011

ID 312793

Michael Flanagan

CTO & Cofounder of GetHealth

ID 299585

Alexia Golez

Developer at @trustev; Worked at @microsoft; Studied @university-of-limerick-1 and @limerick-institute-of-technology

ID 25957

Charles Lee

CoFounder Pluck, CoFounder @mytypeofpeople @hotprints.com. Human Genome Project coder. Love making stuff with a ton of data

ID 311313

Eddie Johnston

Full stack Rails developer with design skills. Co-founder Artdip.com, Lokofoto.com. PhD Machine Learning. Previously a consultant at Accenture.

ID 31922

Ciaran Lee

CTO @ @intercom. Former CTO @ Contrast, popular consultancy. Former CTO @ Exceptional, just acquired. Open source contributor. Computer Engineering and Math grad

ID 202815

Daniel Kersten

Founder @conker, Pirate Dashboard • Studied at @dublin-city-university-1 • Developing software (first as a hobbyist, then professionally) since 1999.

ID 3119

Alexandre Passant

Founder @yapme + @mdg-web-1. Previously lead R&D w/ @cisco , @google, etc. at @deri. Ph.D. AI / Semantic Web. Music + Data nerd.

ID 19452

Patrick Lismore

Founder @biometric-advertising • Worked at @hewlett-packard, @prudential-financial • Studied at @napier-university-scotland

ID 199851

Artur Martins

Sasquatch computer geek and dance lover (salsa, tango, ballroom). PHP5 Programmer, Drupal, Open Source advocate

ID 43832

Andrew Clarke

Chief Technology Officer at @uprizer-labs, Co-Founder @thoof, Development Manager @revver, MA in Mathematics, MSc in Computer Science from @trinity-college College, Dublin.

ID 75419

Paul Biggar


CEO of @circleci (https://circleci.com). @y-combinator alumnus, former @mozilla senior engineer, former @lookout principal engineer, PhD in Computer Science (compilers, @trinity-college College Dublin)

ID 220116

Sean Reilly


ID 20824

Chris Kennedy

Founder and CTO of @trustev.

ID 325760

Connor Murphy


Founder @datahug. Raised $5.5M from DFJ, Ron Conway and salesforce.com. Strong investment, product and development background. Worked at PA Consulting & Sun.

ID 185906

Federico Ceratto

Working at Amazon as a Senior System Engineer. 10+ years experience on Python, Linux, Information Security, Networking. Active contributor to Debian and Open Source.

ID 92779

Martha Rotter

Developer & Co-Founder of Woopie: Write Only Once, Publish It Everywhere. Helping people create beautiful, digital publications http://woop.ie

ID 500665

Kevin Baker

Trinity College CS, 20, databases are awesome, web-scale, love python, worked at adtech PageFair.com, co-founded TopHat.ie

ID 209764

Neil Gandhi

@symphony-1, @hi5, @zinio • EECS @university-of-california-berkeley Startup Junkie, Java blackbelt

ID 291183

David Quinn

Irish geospatial data-wrangler. Urban technology expert. MS & PhD from MIT.

ID 455237

Tim Redfern

Freelance media, art, software dev.

ID 314145

Declan McNeela

Founder feeba.me - Business Intelligence Consultant - Coach

ID 42713

Martin B.

Works at Altmetric • Founder @papercritic, Storyflow • Worked at @joygroup • Studied at @trinity-college-dublin-1

ID 365530

Dan Cronin

IBM System Engineer

ID 18645

Luca Longo

Computer Engineer. Senior UX Designer. IT Director.

ID 703464

Dave Britton

Experienced all-round engineering leader / architect. Built full engineering organizations and implemented/release successful products at many big name corps

ID 534230

Rónán Ó Braonáin

CTO @vision-fleet-capital-llc // Formerly Snr Engineer @ BMW // EVs // Fleets // IoT // Developer // Snowboarder // [=] // etc.

ID 595059

Adam Gibbons

Worked at @fonesense • Studied at @national-college-of-ireland

ID 6568

Paul M. Watson

CTO @storyful

ID 236

Bernard O'Flynn

Founder & CEO of BodyState. Co-founder of 4 other startups. Former Director of Wonga Technology, part of @wonga BSc. Elec Engineering @university of Cape Town

ID 177330

Kevin O’Shaughnessy

Founder @cityhook • Worked at @palm • Studied at @university-college-dublin

ID 162180

Enrico Foschi

The right guy to raise and lead a dev team that can bring any product from early stage ideas to brilliant execution.

ID 184800

Raul Riera

Founder @odonto-me • Co-Founded @hipervinculo • Studied at @university-politecnica-de-madrid, @universidad-europea-de-madrid

ID 54022

Gianfranco Palumbo

@mongodb-2 Technical Services Engineer - 2 previous Startups one in Travel and Live Music, another in Music Streaming

ID 138624

Dan Barry

Co Founder & CEO at Riffstation. Co Founder and Mgr. at Audio Research Group 06' - 12'. Co Founder 45 Sound Patent licensed to SONY, used in Singstar PS3

ID 425312

Ryan Nutley

Founder @pushstartr; Co-founder @reveal-2; Studied Comp Eng @trinity-college-dublin; Prev. lead developer; Product and data nerd; Hobbyist growth hacker

ID 341790

Rafiq Maniar

Tech entrepreneur, Linux guy, Founder @ InForFree - Get into events for free!

ID 278353

Iarfhlaith Kelly

CEO of Kitman Labs. Worked at @cksk and @webstrong. Strong technical background, and experience in business management and sales.

ID 344425

Ranga Vadhineni

Founder & CEO of @localmint, @couponhunt, Previously worked at @microsoft and @dell.

ID 283171

Serena Fritsch

General Software Developer with a Research Background. Interested in data visualisation, data analytics

ID 84236

Pedro Tavares

JAVA / Spring / GWT UI/UX Consultant. Founder of meditouch.me Worked at Ericsson, Citibank and HP.

ID 50734

Oisin Hurley

Co-founder and CTO @converser, software product development background, open source, integration, UI tools.

ID 578317

Kiran Polavarapu

Senior Performance Engineer with 8+ years of experience in high performance, high availability, reliable & secure large scale enterprise cloud web apps (SaaS)

ID 211536

Slawomir Slusarczyk

An experienced professional with 10+ year’s background in Information Technology and Service industry, having excellent team management, technical and customer facing skills. A team lead providing operational service for Telecommunication’s companies.

ID 567771

Ross McKinley

Node.js Developer for front/back end. Graphic, UI, application Designer. Likes challenges.

ID 414956

Aaron Byrne

Founded Digital Perception. Came through NDRC accelerator programme. Doctoral Fellow at the Complex Adaptive Systems Laboratory. B.Sc. Theoretical Physics.

ID 406437

Leandro Ostera

Director of Engineering @HabeasCorp. Frmr Web Engineer @clevertech. #JavaScripter. #UNIX philosopher.

ID 206773

Rodhan Hickey

Founder SlateState • Worked at @microsoft, @aol

ID 286542

Alex Beregszaszi

Software guy with wide range of experience from embedded systems to multimedia to mobile and web development.

ID 387960

Max Hoffmann

passionate web developer

ID 573949

Mukul Goel

Research intern at JST, Graduate student at UCD; Former Product Developer at @computer Sciences Corporation; Looking to work in a fast paced startup environment

ID 636512

Adityanarayanan Iyer

MSc iBusiness(Management Information Systems) student at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Dublin, Ireland ; worked at Dell, Kotak Securities Ltd

ID 373815

David Sidler

computer science grad

ID 186428

Vrishti Gulati

Studied at @university-of-california-irvine, thesis : Internet on Things, UI/UX, Human Computer Interaction, Arduino, Processing.js, Mobile, wireframes, Interaction design, front end

ID 541364

Barry Gildea

Startup Jobs Website Owner, Lamp Stack, HTML5, JavaScript, Desinger, UX/UI

ID 573901

Gary Plowman

Varied disciplined developer and entrepreneur with good data skillset and varied business experience over many industries.

ID 829456

Daniel Paul

ID 712038

Nelson Lowe

ID 274495


Founder TouchPulse

ID 171309

Adam Drakeford

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science @dublin-institute-of-technology. Founder and Lead Developer at @glass-robot.

ID 233064

Ryutlis Wang

Trying to be a better tool maker, helping people survive from their own hell

ID 574529

Sarthak Sahni

UCD Graduate working as a Demonstrator UCD Computer Science & Information School looking for jobs

ID 676154

Carlos Raphael

Java Specialist with more than 7 years of experience with solid knowledge.

ID 641329

Vinod Madan

University College Dublin Graduate CS, work experience of 11 months, seeking for opportunity as a software developer

ID 586950

Gaston Trentin

Professional Web Developer & IT Enthusiast with excellent communication skills and a strong maths background.

ID 501193

Conor Brady

3rd Year Computer Science Student, built and launched the FanFootage iPhone app, strong focus on minimizing weak points and gaining fullstack awareness.

ID 729312

Elaine Shinagawa

Software Developer

ID 533707

Jack Halpin

Experienced IT Professional with a 'can do' attitude.

ID 568547

Maximilian Gierschmann

Software Engineer from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (UCAB) , Worked at a Goverment Agency, successfully launched 2 Facebook Applications.

ID 551983


ID 335131

Eoin Brazil

Joining the dots from experience to product. Beware these are my own opinions!

ID 255193

Victor Pascual Villanueva

Highly-accomplished, quick learner with an impressive hands-on knowledge base encompassing the entire spectrum of Clinical Software & Telecommunications Systems

ID 538952

Arkaitz Zubiaga

PhD in Computer Science, with work experience in the United States, and different countries in the EU including Ireland, Austria, and Spain

ID 622674

Huanxiang (Kevin) Wang

Worked at Havok

ID 261955

Goran Peretin

Enthusiastic Python developer interested in all things web.

ID 278658

Michele Capra

Founder @edge Labs

ID 620015

Mike Rozlog

CEO of dBase; Strong Developer skills; Excellent commercial product skills; Managed distributed teams around the world; Delivered results managing Marketing.

ID 413007

Hovik Melikyan

Co-founder at Sensogram Technologies AG, Software Engineer, Physicist, Entrepreneur

ID 387530

Roberto Cometti

Enthusiastic coder!

ID 134610

Jon Hope

CTO of @shiftdock. Game Developer at Project Zebra. Founded @midhir-records c2004. MA(commendation), BSc(1st), PGDip.

ID 199060

Stewart McCarthy

Founder @estomola, @speakmexico • Studied at @dublin-institute-of-technology, @tallaght-institute-of-technology

ID 475894

Roberto Prato

MSc. Computer Science,10 Years experience in software development , several native apps developed on iOS , Android . B2B and B2C product development experience

ID 49663

Paul Williams

Founder @geocourierx, @exsibit • Worked at @sun-microsystems

ID 314428

Kieran Murphy

RAU CS, Founded JAWUG, Moved to Ireland. Worked at Irish Broadband/Imagine, Magnet. Strong knowledge of Low Latency Networking at Susquehanna.

ID 484622

Fábio Neves

Full stack web dev / dev ops engineer.

ID 175924

Sean Nicholls

Programmer. Inventor. Dreamer.

ID 560680

Aalek Dixit

Founder of iBazaar.ie, Worked for various Government Departments in Ireland. Have vast knowledge of IOS and Android Development. Strong project management background.

ID 393711

John Paul Hayes

Software developer specialising in web software. I work with startups, small businesses & individuals to build robust, high quality digital products & services

ID 154343

Jordi Garcia

Founder SportyCrowd, AreaBalonmano • Worked at @airbnb

ID 161036

Matteo Zambon

Founder @the-top-hat • Worked at @popdeem

ID 554849

Wilmer Rojas

I am a qualified and highly experienced Web Developer with 8 years commercial experience in different area of the industry

ID 393756

Stas Maksimov

Software Engineer/Architect with 15 years of experience. Java, Python, SQL, NoSQL, front-end, back-end, into cloud technologies. Worked at IBM, Dell R&D.

ID 494533

Padraic Duffy


ID 458227

Gary Williams

Primarily responsible for development of applications used to trade up to 95% of commercial vehicle insurance in Ireland.

ID 551591

Gosia Peska

Ruby dev

ID 244636

David Ferreira

CEO of Tasker. Web developer. Entrepreneur. Worked at Vodafone, Estrela Sustentável, Net Affinity

ID 556822

Jonathan Devine

Software Developer (Java, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js)

ID 97265

Zizhou Liu

Mobile Development Expert, Data Mining and Machine Learning enthusiast, SaaS

ID 396335

Ignacio Lucas Mc Cormack

Degree in Information Technology. Java developer - 4 years experience.

ID 289529

José Pedro Fernandes

Data scientist. Experience in various industries. Certified project manager. Worked in Consulting, Banking, Engineering.

ID 97525

Luca Bilotta

Experienced Consultant on iPhone/Android/desktop/web App, Flash, Actionscript, Games, Interactive installations, Technical consultant for Adobe Italia

ID 792418

Gabriel Guita

web designer / web developer

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