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ID 181866

Sophia Duffy


Senior designer and front-end developer @hubbub-2. Worked at @alison, @national-university-of-ireland-galway • Studied at @university-of-limerick

ID 44386

Janis Volbergs

Senior Manager at @agile-technologies-limited

ID 161036

Matteo Zambon

Founder @the-top-hat • Worked at @popdeem

ID 73996

Mark Boda

Working on Solofy.com a start-up in LA currently in the late stages of manufacturing the Solofy Mesh Dual - A Solar Backpack Without Compromise

ID 98206

Gintas Balčiūnas

Co-founder of web development company @estina, MSc Data Mining

ID 663982

Ciaran Fagan

ID 62098

James Whelton

Entrepreneur, hacker, developer & future zombie apocalypse survivor. Forbes 30 under 30. Obj-C, Ruby, JS, Mischief. △

ID 312793

Michael Flanagan

CTO & Cofounder of GetHealth

ID 656896

Enda Quigley

Full Stack Web Developer

ID 31766

David Barrett

Front-end developer at @intercom. Former developer at Contrast, popular consultancy. Former developer at Exceptional, just acquired. Speaker, writer. CS grad.

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