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@duke MBA, @texas undergrad, Operations executive @apple and @facebook, strong project mgmt/consulting experience. Focus on mobile, growth, and emerging markets

ID 263598

Achman Srivastava

Founder @tubett-1 , CoFounder @foodpanda-malaysia, Worked at Rocket Internet, UPS, Deloitte, E&Y in USA, Europe and Asia. MBA(IESE), Elect Engg

ID 200718

Jeff Harte

COO & Founder @conker

ID 589933

Otilia Otlacan

Monetization & ad tech industry expert • Founder RightFit Media • Worked at @google, @facebook

ID 80659

Chris Rooney

Head of Buisness Development at GetHealth

ID 165255

David Griffin

Customer Happiness Fanatic | Veteran BD, Sales & Marketing Director | Start-up Growth, Community, Operations | Serial Entrepreneur

ID 710770

Ron Bornstein

An experienced analyst and people manager looking for a new challenge

ID 573901

Gary Plowman

Varied disciplined developer and entrepreneur with good data skillset and varied business experience over many industries.

ID 475196

Joe Perrott

ID 522121

Alberto Cuevas

Industrial Engineer - International CX Operations Manager @airbnb, Co-founder @ventureka, Advisor & Investor @jinn , Investor @wittpic-1 and @wondays.

ID 636512

Adityanarayanan Iyer

MSc iBusiness(Management Information Systems) student at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Dublin, Ireland ; worked at Dell, Kotak Securities Ltd

ID 485265

Angelo Pantano

open source evangelist, thriving on infrastructure optimization and migrations between applications/platforms/tools

ID 250769

Francesca Suaria

Business Operations Support - Strategic Outsourcing, Europe at IBM Inside Sales in Dublin.

ID 260562

Sujith Sasidhara Kurup

Operations Director at P2P FinTech startup Aztec Money. MBA (INSEAD)+ Computer Engineering (NIT). Strategist & PM at Cognizant (Fortune 500).

ID 319886

Catherine Egan

Head of Operations with proven results in delivering the best of FanFootage service to major International acts, labels and management companies.

ID 451647

Kaavya Reddy

Co-Founder & CEO of DrugPedia • Co-Founder & CMO of CloudCreations • Disruptive Business Model Enthusiast • Studies Entrereneurship & Design at UC Berkeley

ID 85200

Richard Barnwell


Founder and CEO @digit-game-studios • CEO @jolt-online, Sr Exec @jagex • Advisor to various VCs/Boards/Startups

ID 456243

Hugh Durkin


Current: Marketing API Program @ Facebook. Previous: 8 years of startups.

ID 541364

Barry Gildea

Startup Jobs Website Owner, Lamp Stack, HTML5, JavaScript, Desinger, UX/UI

ID 661095

Yves Benay

ID 325070

Cate Castelo

Changing the world on step at a time.Hard Working Cat Herder. Currently with Google. Worked in Singapore, Japan and Philippines.

ID 459874

Enda Crehan

Product Manager at PaddyPower

ID 698983

Gillian Gale

Detail-oriented, multitasking, administrator. Previous experience as a showroom manager with Western Reps, and workplace specialist at Workday.

ID 584977

Brett Kealy

Worked at @primark

ID 620015

Mike Rozlog

CEO of dBase; Strong Developer skills; Excellent commercial product skills; Managed distributed teams around the world; Delivered results managing Marketing.

ID 875912

Harry Jebb

CFA level 2 candidate, BSc Civil Engineering Science

ID 781873

Charlie Weijer (MBA)

Involved with the NDRC in Dublin, in discussion with several startups, 15 years of sales leadership and marketing experience.

ID 521191

Illann Power


Fond of an occasional flutter on the NYSE.

ID 834320

Claudia Mariani

ID 842643

Randy Burkhardt

ID 533707

Jack Halpin

Experienced IT Professional with a 'can do' attitude.

ID 297564

Niall Somers

Senior Analyst at Facebook. Passionate about online monetization, Alternative Payments specialist, Analytical, Product focused, Payments + Fraud + Risk business analysis background.

ID 751679

Milana Martinovic

Creative, entrepreneurial manager with experience in Customer Experience, Project Management and Advertising. Successfully managed various projects and teams

ID 880835

Shay Reddy

CEO/CIO / HEALTHCARE Successful Exit

ID 650379

Kenneth Williams

Director of Finance & CFO @ start-up. Business, Accounting Degree. Strong Public/Private accounting experience. US Marine leadership, training & planning skills

ID 845790

Dana Abdullina

Eager to learn and passionate of anything I do. Although I don't have a lot of practical experience

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